The Difference Between Men and Women's Mountain Bikes



When you are shopping for mountain bikes it is very important that you recognize & accommodate the basic difference between men and women as far as their anatomy is concerned. That's right, bikes in 2014 are designed specially either for men or women. You should never buy a woman's bike for a man or vice versa. After all, if they are designed especially for either men or women, there has to be a reason right? Let's take a look at a few of the differences between both these types of bikes. This will make it easier for you to understand why this costly error should be avoided no matter what.


When it comes to mountain bikes for men, the framework is a little different from regular bikes. Male physiques are usually larger than female physiques and this is the reason why these structural changes are required. The upper tube lobe is longer in male bikes while female bikes have shorter tube lobes. Even the handlebars are wider in men's bikes to accommodate the wider shoulders and larger structure of men. The saddles on male bikes are narrower as well since they are usually more concerned with efficiency rather than comfort.


On the other hand, women's bikes are quite different. They focus much more on comfort and even accommodate the smaller physique of women. Like I mentioned earlier, the upper tube is shorter. The handlebars aren't too wide either for narrower female shoulders. The saddle is wider which makes it more comfortable to sit on. These bikes are available in many more colors including bright colors like green, blue, purple, pink, etc. The market is always flooded with such bikes.


Now let me tell you a few things which you need to watch out for while buying bikes. Most manufacturers try luring in women with pretty colors or wide saddles. When this is combined with some skillful marketing, both men and women can easily fall for a bike without even knowing that it is not the right one for them. Riding the wrong bike can result in various injuries including shoulder, neck and back pain as well as numbness in your hands. That's why it is very important for you to understand the differences between bikes meant for men and bikes meant for women. Don't ever fall into a trap when buying bikes. Most people cycle as a form of recreation of in order to lose weight. You won't be able to do this properly with the wrong bike now would you? So be careful. As for your child, there are bicycle available intended for young age at Bike Trailer & Child Seats online.



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